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Our Story

At MANKIND, we believe in pushing beyond the limits you unconsciously set for yourself and have courage. All the way from our coffee roaster, the endurance of our roasters are admirable. With all the coffee farms in the world, it is important for us to source quality handmade coffees directly from farmers and cooperatives with free-trade. Our coffees are roasted with dedication, skills and precision to preserve that freshness within the seasonal coffee fruit. Our selection of coffees will grow and change as we find other coffee beans and blends for the peak of it’s own unique fresh flavour.

Coffee For Humanity

We love doing things wholeheartedly when we roast. In Mankind Roasters, giving it our all is one of our fundamental principles. We believe in sustaining humanity through our roasters where we cherish hidden moments around us. We prioritise our staff’s enjoyment of the roasting process where he or she can enjoy themselves and still produce quality work that resonates with others through a cup of finely brewed coffee at the end of the line. At the same time, it is in our aspirations to roast for humanitarian needs and causes all around the world, starting from Malaysia.